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8 Maret 2019 - 11:05, by , in Umum, Comments off
Again, food contributed positively to the inflation rate in February 2019. Some commodities that contributed to deflation in February included race chicken and eggs. The price of these two commodities fell because the price of feed corn also decreased, following the big harvest of corn throughout Indonesia. While attending the corn farmers’ harvesting activity in...
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8 Maret 2019 - 10:58, by , in Umum, Comments off
The government through the Ministry of Agriculture made a breakthrough in mechanizing agriculture by issuing Farmer Cards. Farmer Card is an integrated means of accessing banking services that functions as savings, transactions, lending to subsidy cards (e-wallet). The advantages of Farmer Cards include single entry data, online tiered, transparent, multifunctional validation processes. This year the...
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8 Maret 2019 - 10:20, by , in Umum, Comments off
The government through the Ministry of Agriculture continues to innovate in boosting export value of agricultural products. The Ministry of Agriculture (Ministry of Agriculture) through Soekarno Hatta Airport Agriculture Quarantine Agency released data on health certification of agricultural products that had been exported to foreign countries as much as 2,254 times with an export value...
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8 Maret 2019 - 10:15, by , in Umum, Comments off
The Ministry of Agriculture through the Directorate General of Agricultural Infrastructure and Facilities (PSP) regulates licensing, distribution and utilization of pesticides so that they can be used wisely. The role of pesticides to save agricultural production from plant disease pest disorders is still very large. Director of Fertilizers and Pesticides, Directorate General of Agricultural Infrastructure...
28 Januari 2019 - 11:42, by , in Umum, Comments off
Digitalization industry in inevitable in entering the era of 4.0. In order to support the sustainability in the future, all industries should adopt the technology. Currently, all industries in Indonesia are preparing to enter industry 4.0 including agriculture and fisheries. Hence, the governement is encouraging as many as eight million Indonesian to Go Digital –...