Indonesia to Boost Agriculture Budget for Food Self-Suffienty by 2018


Despite its large population (over 260 million of population) and densely populated area, Indonesia has great potential benefits of its agriculture sector. With its huge and plentiful fertile soils, Indonesia becomes a major global key producer of a wide variety of agricultural tropical products. Besides, it is now the world’s largest producer of palm oil and the world’s leading producer of coffee, rubber and cocoa. The agriculture is Indonesia’s pillar industry and around 60% of the total population working in the agrobusiness. Reflecting on the expansion of agricultural land and optimization of crop production, the demand for agriculture equipment, vehicle and machinery is inevitably increasing.

INAGRITECH 2017 – ASEAN’s Most Potential Agricultural Equipment Platform

The resounding big success of INAGRITECH 2016 Jakarta held along with INAGRICHEM 2016 and INAPALM ASIA 2016 attracted 216 companies from 14 countries and 8,920 trade attendees from over 12 countries, has further proved the event as the ASEAN’s most comprehensive trade show for palm oil processing, technology and the supporting industries.

INAGRITECH 2016, INAGRICHEM 2016, and INAPALM ASIA 2016 have expressed a proven opportunity to boost sales and gain exposure as well as meeting with key decision makers and potential buyers. Around 95% of exhibitors also expressed a proven opportunity to boost sales and gain exposure as well as meeting with key decision makers and potential buyers from both domestic and international. The scale of the INAGRITECH 2017 will be expanded up to twice as large as last year’s and will attract more than 500 exhibiting companies in the upcoming shows at INAGRITECH 2017.

The 5th INAGRITECH 2017 will take place on 23 – 25 August 2017 at JIExpo Kemayoran, Jakarta – Indonesia and will co-locate with INAPALM Asia 2017, INAGRICHEM 2017, SUGARMACH Indonesia 2017, AGROFOODTECH Indonesia 2017, INAFORESTECH 2017, IRRIGATION + WATER TECHNOLOGY 2017 and INAGARDENTECH 2017. It will be definitely one of the ASEAN’s most prospective one-stop exhibitions for palm oil processing, agricultural machinery & chemical and forestry technology under one roof.

INAGRITECH 2017 is the ideal platform for key industry players from both local and global communities to explore their business and unveil innovation, technology and products to a larger marketplace.



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